GA Escapes User Fees


Good news for General Aviation for sure…. Chris

Aviation fares well in budget proposal


by Janice Wood, GANews

The alphabet groups are pleased with President Barack Obama’s proposed 2011 budget.

A preliminary review by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) of the budget proposal appears to show aviation faring well in a year of federal belt tightening, association officials said.

Officials at the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) also were pleased that the proposal includes an extension of bonus depreciation for GA aircraft sales and an increase in funding for additional FAA safety inspectors.

In his State of the Union address on Jan. 27, President Obama announced that he would be seeking cuts in discretionary spending, which would potentially include the Department of Transportation (DOT) and FAA, but that they would not be across-the-board cuts. Some departments and agencies would receive more funding while others would receive less. The FAA appears to be one of the agencies receiving more, and that funding increase will come without the imposition of user fees.

“For the past year, AOPA and the general aviation community have made it clear that user fees are not the best way to fund the nation’s aviation system,” said AOPA President and CEO Craig Fuller.“Today’s budget proposal makes it evident that our voices were heard. Someone in the Obama Administration decided to hit ‘pause’ when they came to the aviation user fee option.

“The decision not to include user fees in the 2011 budget is encouraging, and it allows all of us in the aviation community to focus on important priorities like air traffic control modernization, keeping airports open, and growing the pilot population.”

GAMA officials also said they were pleased that the budget proposal does not include user fees for general aviation.

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One response to “GA Escapes User Fees

  1. Good news for GA pilots, and the aviation industry as a whole. User fees could have hurt GA especially in this poor economy. It’s also good to see the AIP funding isn’t getting cut, and that Obama has spread his interest in green technology to the aviation industry.

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