A Neglected Market?

For a businessman or woman, obviously there can be real benefits to using corporate aviation.  BizAv can provide more access to a greater number of airports, less waiting, and greater flexibility with scheduling.

But there may be another market, perhaps a neglected one.

You wanna know someone for whom the airline travel really bites?  Try a family on vacation.

Ever try to manage a stroller, car seat, 3 irritable kids, snacks, tickets, bags, “stuff” from Disneyland, potty stops, meltdowns, and a TSA agent with a wand?

What if…and this is purely hypothetical, charter companies began offering flights for families on vacation?  There could be some cost sharing between families if the plane was large enough.  Also, on the other side of the coin, you could use modestly fast planes (King Air or even a Pilatus or Caravan on a regional leg) that would make things a bit more affordable. One site showed the King Air/Pilatus going for about $1200/hr.  If it’s a regional hop (vs a truly cross-country one) that really puts this type of flying more in reach, particularly when you consider the cost of 5 airline tickets in the peak summer vacation season.

Convenient?  Fast?  Direct flight in a King Air to Disney w/ no wrangling through the airline terminal?

Sign me up.


2 responses to “A Neglected Market?

  1. Throw in a free ride to the local airport, and I’m in too!

  2. Airline travel is going to get worse. I believe that President Obama is going to nationalize the airlines. Yes, you heard it here first. The same guys who run Amtrak are going to run the airlines !!!

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