MyFlightCoach Podcast | Episode 2

This week’s podcast features a encouragement to fly in 2011! If you’ve been out of flying, get back in! If you need to knock out a Flight Review and gain your currency back, then make that your goal. If you are looking at simply getting started, then there’s no better time than the present!

I recount a recent Discovery Flight with an old friend (I’ve known her since she was in 5th grade –makes me the old one) and I review some of the aviation headlines of 2010 and talk about the FlightPrep lawsuit fiasco adn why we need to think about takeoff techniques.

Listen Online:

Direct Download

Resources from this week’s show:

Lisa’s Discovery Flight Video (may have to maunally select HD)


National Association of Flight Instructors

Jill Tallman’s Best and Worst of 2010

John & Martha King’s reflections on their detainment

Nate Duehr’s Article on the FlightPrep Fiasco

Key’s to Better Takeoffs


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