Episode 7 | The myFlight Coach Podcast

Winter flying from preflight to touchdown!  Interview with Jason Schappert of mzeroa.com. 

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This week’s podcast features an interview with my friend Jason Schappert of mzeroa.com.  Jason is a sought-after speaker, author, and flight instructor and I asked him to talk about special considerations and precautions we need to take when flying in winter weather. 

Winter flying requires some forethought in planning and execution and if we don’t fly in winter weather often, we forget many of the good winter flying habits we may have learned in our training.  But also, if we are used to flying in areas where mild winters prevail we may never think much about winter flying until we are faced with making a flight in such weather. 

From checking for frost during preflight to remembering to watch for carbon monoxide to why he always uses carbureator heat– you’re going to find some great and helpful tips for your winter flying. 

Resources for this Episode:

http://www.m0a.com/ -Jason’s main site

http://m0a.com/online-ground-school/ -Jason’s Online Ground School

http://www.m0a.com/winter-flying/ -An article and video from Jason on winter flying.

A Strategic Approach to Winter Flying (Plane and Pilot Magazine)

Quantum Eye Carbon Monoxide Detector – The Quantum Eye is a compact multi-level Carbon Monoxide Detector that can be easily mounted in the cockpit.

Weather Flying -Classic book on flying in all kinds of weather by Bob Buck

Flying the Weather Map -Richard Collins offers some great advice on assessing, reading and flying in various types of weather.


One response to “Episode 7 | The myFlight Coach Podcast

  1. Good post, carbon monoxide is a horrible killer.

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