Episode 8 | The myFlightCoach Podcast

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Fun show! This is a Q&A episode!  I take this episode to answer your questions on flight training.   Here’s a sample of some of the questions covered:

1.)  What should I look for in a flight school or instructor? What’s the most important thing I should do to be a good student?

2.)  What do you think is the most neglected skill in flight training?

3.)  I’m a student pilot and I’m working on my solo XCs.  While on a recent flight clouds started forming at my altitude.  I wanted to go above them, because I knew it was clear at my destination.  I chose to go below them, a little tight but do able.  Was this the right call?

4.)  I’m not going to be able to start my lessons for about 6 months, but I want to start studying.  What books do you recommend?

5.)  How do you recommend studying for the written exam?

6.)  I feel like I’m on a plateau with my landings.  I’m not getting any better and I’m worried I just can’t get it!

and several more…..

I’m going to be doing these Question and Answer sessions fairly regularly and would love to have your input.  Please email me at chris@myflightcoach.com or call the brand-new myFlightCoach.com number (anytime 24/7) at: 615-669-2fly  (615-669-2359)

Resources from today’s show:

Chris Holub’s “In the Pattern” Podcast

Karlene Petitt’s “Flight to Success” Blog

The Student Pilot’s Flight Manual

Jepessen’s Guided Flight Discovery Private Pilot Manual

Gleim’s Private Pilot Written Exam Software

And my book You Can Be A Pilot (shameless plug, I know) can be a good resource for answering many common questions about flight training.


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