Episode 9 | the myFlightCoach Podcast

Chris Holub after his first solo.

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Today’s show features an interview with Chris Holub, a student pilot from Peoria, AZ who is learning to fly at one of the busiest general aviation airports in the country.  One thing I just love about Chris is that he is so passionate about flying and very involved in helping other people discover flying as well.

He’s videoed almost his entire flight training process and you can view these on YouTube (see my show notes).  He is also part of a great podcast roundtable  of other students in the process of learning to fly called “In the Pattern”.

He began by flying RC (Radio Controlled) planes and this just led him to learn to fly the real thing.  He’s learning in a great airplane, a Piper Archer III.  The greatest feature to me is the fact that it has Air Conditioning!

Chris and I talk about how he got into flying, what he wishes someone had told him when he started, and some adventures he’s had along the way.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Please email me at chris@myflightcoach.com or call the brand-new myFlightCoach.com number (anytime 24/7) at: 615-669-2fly  (615-669-2359)

Resources from today’s show:

Chris Holub’s “In the Pattern” Podcast

Chris Holub’s You Tube Channel with all of his flight training videos

Piper Archer III

Deer Valley Airport


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