Episode 10 | The myFlightCoach Podcast

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On today’s show I talk about the Cirrus/China deal as well as some great things that the EAA Young Eagle’s program has accomplished.   I also encourage you to be a part of the Women of Aviation International’s efforts to encourage more women to participate in flying.

I answer a couple of questions I received on Twitter: “Should I learn to fly in a taildragger?”  and a discussion on the ever-intimidating crosswind landing.

The show finishes with a book recommendation for everyone involved in Flight Training, particularly Flight Schools and CFIs.

Resources from Today’s Show:

Brad’s First Flight

Women of Aviation International

Aviation Hiring Rebounding

Cirrus’ Aquisition by Chinese Company (News)

Cirrus’ Press Release on the China Deal

Cirrus Facing Scrutiny on Chinese Deal

EAA’s Young Eagle’s Program

Tips on Job Search Leads

The Results of the Young Eagle’s Program

Jason Shappert on Crosswind Landings

Guy Kawasaki’s “Enchantment”


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