Jason Schappert and Chris Findley at KISM

My family and I are on vacation this week in Orlando, seeing EPCOT, The Magic Kingdom and all things Disney.  Of course I knew that this would bring me close to my friend and fellow-instructor/entrepreneur Jason Schappert of  With a little coordination of our schedules we, along with our wives, met for dinner.  Jason and Ashley flew over from Ocala and Sheryl and I picked them up at KISM (Kissimmee, FL) and we were off to have some local BBQ.

I share this with you because it excites me to see Jason’s passion and enthusiasm for flying.  Here’s a guy who is an instructor because he loves instructing.  He’s not a time-builder, he’s a pilot-builder.  This attitude makes all the difference.  He has some fantastic resources including books on passing the Private Pilot and Instrument Pilot checkrides, a new book on popular aviation acronyms, and his online groundschool to name a few.

I admire Jason not only because of his teaching, but of his vision for making flight training materials accessible to pilots from where ever they are.  He also has a keen marketing mind and wants to truly develop a business that is successful on all fronts, but specifically in terms of pilots trained by his work.

As we shared books we were reading and marketing ideas back and forth, I really had the sense of being with someone who understands what people like Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Hsieh, Seth Godin, and Guy Kawasaki are saying and is able to translate that to the flight instruction world.  That’s exciting to see.

There are some things in the works, some collaboration, he and I will be doing in the future and I’m pumped up about it.  I won’t share any specifics, let’s just say that it’s going to be an accessible and really neat resource for pilots to both learn new concepts and refresh their memory on others.

All too soon our evening was winding down.  Our wives were chatting away, enjoying some tea courtesy of Signature Flight Support (Jason DID buy 8 gallons of Avgas, so what the heck right?! 🙂 )  He and I were making plans and dreaming up new ways of encouraging pilots and laughing about some of the experiences we’ve had as instructors.

My mind was racing with new ideas and thankfulness for finally meeting Schap in person (we’ve done business and written for each other’s resources for months knowing each other only via Skype/Email).  As Sheryl and I said bye to Jason and Ashley one word came to mind…

Synergy…pure synergy.

In any case, check out Jason’s work and tell him Chris sent ya.


3 responses to “Synergy

  1. Great read and most I already know about Jason, his passion is well beyond the normal teaching CFI’s I have seen all over the web. I got his book and it’s so great for even the pilots who don’t need to pass a check ride. Thanks for taking the time to share your opinion.

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