The mFC Podcast |Episode 12 | Stalls and Circuit Breakers

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On today’s show I talk about an impromptu meeting with Jason Schappert of while my family was on vacation in Florida.  I also talk a bit about my friend Mark Jones, who just completed his final flight as a test pilot and C-17 driver.

The bulk of the show is dedicated to a discussion on stalls –why we practice them and how to develop your confidence when practicing them.  Stall training is invaluable, but sometimes produce some anxiety with students.  There’s nothing to fear!  Stalls have nothing to do with the engine (unlike a when a car “stalls”) but they have everything to do with wind and wing.  Our main reason for practicing them is to avoid them!  So I talk about the why and how of stall training.

Finally, I discuss a question asked of me by a student abour circuit breakers and when to reset them.  I’ve had to deal with this a few times and, while it’s not necessarily a major issue, we want respond appropriately to avoid making a minor problem, a major one.

Thanks to everyone who continues to listen!  Please pass the word!

Resources from Today’s Show:

My Blog on Meeting with Jason Schappert

Mark Jones’  Final Flight

Napping Controller Leads to New Procedures

Garmin 650/750

Stalls From the Cockpit with Schappert (below)


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