The myFlightCoach Podcast | Episode 13 | Interview with Karlene Petitt

Karlene Petitt, airline pilot for Delta, author, speaker, and advocate for women in aviation.

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I’m so excited about this week’s show.  Karlene Petitt is a remarkable pilot with an extraordinary story.  This interview is about so much more than flying, but about perseverance, tenacity and pursuing your dreams.

She is an Airbus A330 pilot for Delta and has flown for 8 airlines, has 7 type ratings, and 2 masters degrees.  She has recently finished her first novel.  Additionally, she is an enthusiastic champion of women in aviation.  This conversation was a lot of fun to record and I think you’ll find it both informative and inspiring.

Please be sure to pass this show along especially to any women you know who are pilots or aspiring pilots.

Resources from Today’s Show:

Karlene’s Blog “Flight to Success”

The Airbus A380:  The plane Karlene flies for Delta

Women in Aviation

The Ninety-Nines

The Women of Aviation International



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