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The myFlightCoach Podcast | Episode 13 | Interview with Karlene Petitt

Karlene Petitt, airline pilot for Delta, author, speaker, and advocate for women in aviation.

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I’m so excited about this week’s show.  Karlene Petitt is a remarkable pilot with an extraordinary story.  This interview is about so much more than flying, but about perseverance, tenacity and pursuing your dreams.

She is an Airbus A330 pilot for Delta and has flown for 8 airlines, has 7 type ratings, and 2 masters degrees.  She has recently finished her first novel.  Additionally, she is an enthusiastic champion of women in aviation.  This conversation was a lot of fun to record and I think you’ll find it both informative and inspiring.

Please be sure to pass this show along especially to any women you know who are pilots or aspiring pilots.

Resources from Today’s Show:

Karlene’s Blog “Flight to Success”

The Airbus A380:  The plane Karlene flies for Delta

Women in Aviation

The Ninety-Nines

The Women of Aviation International



The mFC Podcast |Episode 12 | Stalls and Circuit Breakers

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On today’s show I talk about an impromptu meeting with Jason Schappert of while my family was on vacation in Florida.  I also talk a bit about my friend Mark Jones, who just completed his final flight as a test pilot and C-17 driver.

The bulk of the show is dedicated to a discussion on stalls –why we practice them and how to develop your confidence when practicing them.  Stall training is invaluable, but sometimes produce some anxiety with students.  There’s nothing to fear!  Stalls have nothing to do with the engine (unlike a when a car “stalls”) but they have everything to do with wind and wing.  Our main reason for practicing them is to avoid them!  So I talk about the why and how of stall training.

Finally, I discuss a question asked of me by a student abour circuit breakers and when to reset them.  I’ve had to deal with this a few times and, while it’s not necessarily a major issue, we want respond appropriately to avoid making a minor problem, a major one.

Thanks to everyone who continues to listen!  Please pass the word!

Resources from Today’s Show:

My Blog on Meeting with Jason Schappert

Mark Jones’  Final Flight

Napping Controller Leads to New Procedures

Garmin 650/750

Stalls From the Cockpit with Schappert (below)

Episode 11 | The MyFlightCoach Podcast

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On today’s show, I talk about the success of the Discovery Channel’s “Flying Wild Alaska” series as well as the recent rebound in new student pilots.  We talk about the Flight Review–what’s it all about?  I discuss the philosophy behind it, ways to approach it and exactly how I conduct my reviews.

I also talk about the concept for an electric 172, a great book on communications and also answer a question on pattern entry using the mid-field cross.

Resources from Today’s Show:

Flying Wild Alaska On for Second Season

Battery-Powered Cessna Skyhawk

Pilot Population Highs and Lows

Flight Training Article on the Flight Review

The FAA’s Guide to the Flight Review

“Say Again Please” Pilot’s Guide to Communications

Episode 10 | The myFlightCoach Podcast

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On today’s show I talk about the Cirrus/China deal as well as some great things that the EAA Young Eagle’s program has accomplished.   I also encourage you to be a part of the Women of Aviation International’s efforts to encourage more women to participate in flying.

I answer a couple of questions I received on Twitter: “Should I learn to fly in a taildragger?”  and a discussion on the ever-intimidating crosswind landing.

The show finishes with a book recommendation for everyone involved in Flight Training, particularly Flight Schools and CFIs.

Resources from Today’s Show:

Brad’s First Flight

Women of Aviation International

Aviation Hiring Rebounding

Cirrus’ Aquisition by Chinese Company (News)

Cirrus’ Press Release on the China Deal

Cirrus Facing Scrutiny on Chinese Deal

EAA’s Young Eagle’s Program

Tips on Job Search Leads

The Results of the Young Eagle’s Program

Jason Shappert on Crosswind Landings

Guy Kawasaki’s “Enchantment”

Episode 9 | the myFlightCoach Podcast

Chris Holub after his first solo.

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Today’s show features an interview with Chris Holub, a student pilot from Peoria, AZ who is learning to fly at one of the busiest general aviation airports in the country.  One thing I just love about Chris is that he is so passionate about flying and very involved in helping other people discover flying as well.

He’s videoed almost his entire flight training process and you can view these on YouTube (see my show notes).  He is also part of a great podcast roundtable  of other students in the process of learning to fly called “In the Pattern”.

He began by flying RC (Radio Controlled) planes and this just led him to learn to fly the real thing.  He’s learning in a great airplane, a Piper Archer III.  The greatest feature to me is the fact that it has Air Conditioning!

Chris and I talk about how he got into flying, what he wishes someone had told him when he started, and some adventures he’s had along the way.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Please email me at or call the brand-new number (anytime 24/7) at: 615-669-2fly  (615-669-2359)

Resources from today’s show:

Chris Holub’s “In the Pattern” Podcast

Chris Holub’s You Tube Channel with all of his flight training videos

Piper Archer III

Deer Valley Airport

Episode 8 | The myFlightCoach Podcast

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Fun show! This is a Q&A episode!  I take this episode to answer your questions on flight training.   Here’s a sample of some of the questions covered:

1.)  What should I look for in a flight school or instructor? What’s the most important thing I should do to be a good student?

2.)  What do you think is the most neglected skill in flight training?

3.)  I’m a student pilot and I’m working on my solo XCs.  While on a recent flight clouds started forming at my altitude.  I wanted to go above them, because I knew it was clear at my destination.  I chose to go below them, a little tight but do able.  Was this the right call?

4.)  I’m not going to be able to start my lessons for about 6 months, but I want to start studying.  What books do you recommend?

5.)  How do you recommend studying for the written exam?

6.)  I feel like I’m on a plateau with my landings.  I’m not getting any better and I’m worried I just can’t get it!

and several more…..

I’m going to be doing these Question and Answer sessions fairly regularly and would love to have your input.  Please email me at or call the brand-new number (anytime 24/7) at: 615-669-2fly  (615-669-2359)

Resources from today’s show:

Chris Holub’s “In the Pattern” Podcast

Karlene Petitt’s “Flight to Success” Blog

The Student Pilot’s Flight Manual

Jepessen’s Guided Flight Discovery Private Pilot Manual

Gleim’s Private Pilot Written Exam Software

And my book You Can Be A Pilot (shameless plug, I know) can be a good resource for answering many common questions about flight training.

Episode 7 | The myFlight Coach Podcast

Winter flying from preflight to touchdown!  Interview with Jason Schappert of 

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This week’s podcast features an interview with my friend Jason Schappert of  Jason is a sought-after speaker, author, and flight instructor and I asked him to talk about special considerations and precautions we need to take when flying in winter weather. 

Winter flying requires some forethought in planning and execution and if we don’t fly in winter weather often, we forget many of the good winter flying habits we may have learned in our training.  But also, if we are used to flying in areas where mild winters prevail we may never think much about winter flying until we are faced with making a flight in such weather. 

From checking for frost during preflight to remembering to watch for carbon monoxide to why he always uses carbureator heat– you’re going to find some great and helpful tips for your winter flying. 

Resources for this Episode: -Jason’s main site -Jason’s Online Ground School -An article and video from Jason on winter flying.

A Strategic Approach to Winter Flying (Plane and Pilot Magazine)

Quantum Eye Carbon Monoxide Detector – The Quantum Eye is a compact multi-level Carbon Monoxide Detector that can be easily mounted in the cockpit.

Weather Flying -Classic book on flying in all kinds of weather by Bob Buck

Flying the Weather Map -Richard Collins offers some great advice on assessing, reading and flying in various types of weather.