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myFlightCoach Podcast | Episode 6

A handy passenger brief, re-thinking our approach to the cost of flight training, and ways to reduce costs.  Thinking of your flight instruction as a business.

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In this week’s episode, I talk about the passenger briefing and give you a framework (a’la Flight Training Magazine) for giving a great briefing.

Most of the time is spent talking about the cost of flight training.  I try to offer a re-framing of the costs in light of the value or benefits of flying.  I give some examples of other products that we buy at a premium, not because the product is necessarily that much greater, but because we gain an experience and become part of something greater than ourselves by purchasing these goods/services.

I also offer some tips for reducing the cost of flight training.   These include frequency of flying and study, bartering ( which I think is very intriguing), and making flying a priority.  Why not take that $500/month car payment and put it on flight training!  Just a thought 🙂

Flight Instructors: Do you realize that you have a business to run?  It’s your business!  Even if you work for a flight school, it’s the relationship with the CFI that is so very crucial.  What are some resources for building your training referrals and what are some common-sense thoughts on redeeming the oft-criticized profession of flight training.  I start a discussion on this that I hope to pick up on in later podcasts!

Next week I’ll be talking winter weather flying with Jason Schappert of  So be sure to check out Episode 7.

Fly Safe!


Resources from this show:

The Passenger Briefing (article by Jill Tallman)

Reducing the Cost of Flight Training by Chris Findley

10 Ways to Make Flying More Affordable by Jason Schappert

Target Markets and Red Velvet Ropes (Thinking about the Business of Flight Instruction)

Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port

Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch


MyFlightCoach Podcast | Episode 2

This week’s podcast features a encouragement to fly in 2011! If you’ve been out of flying, get back in! If you need to knock out a Flight Review and gain your currency back, then make that your goal. If you are looking at simply getting started, then there’s no better time than the present!

I recount a recent Discovery Flight with an old friend (I’ve known her since she was in 5th grade –makes me the old one) and I review some of the aviation headlines of 2010 and talk about the FlightPrep lawsuit fiasco adn why we need to think about takeoff techniques.

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Resources from this week’s show:

Lisa’s Discovery Flight Video (may have to maunally select HD)


National Association of Flight Instructors

Jill Tallman’s Best and Worst of 2010

John & Martha King’s reflections on their detainment

Nate Duehr’s Article on the FlightPrep Fiasco

Key’s to Better Takeoffs

MyFlightCoach Podcast | Episode 1

The first regular podcast of myFlightCoach is here!

I’m going to offer a variety of news, topics, advice, interviews ranging from flight training, to marketing, to featuring new and innovative businesses.  I welcome your ideas and input.  Please send questions also that I can answer on the air!

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Pic of me on my first flight…ever. I think I was 9 or 10.

AOPA Student Pilot Summit and News

National Association of Flight Instructors

Kershner’s Student Pilot’s Flight Manual

Be Ready for Your Bienniel Flight Review

Chris’ Book, You Can be a Pilot

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