Flight Reviews (BFRs)

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The Biennal Flight Review (BFR) is required by FAR 61:56 to be completed by all pilots every 24 months.  It is really an opportunity to brush up on your knowledge and skills in a deliberate manner and can be a valuable time of training.

The FARs only require 1 hour of ground and 1 hour of flight for the Flight Review.  The actual length of the review depends in large part on your demonstrated knowledge and proficiency in the cockpit.  After a lengthy hiatus from flying it may take several hours of ground and flight (it did for me) before the BFR is complete.  If your currency is only recently expired and you’ve flown fairly regularly, the the BFR will likely be shorter.   I will work with you to develop a plan that fits with your experience and desire for training.

Generally, you can expect the BFR to be structured in this way:

Ground 1-2 hours:  Aircraft systems and operation.  FAR’s, weather, navigation, ADM, Airspace, performance and personal minimums. (May be extended as needed)

Air 1-2 hours:  Cross-country navigation, diversions, emergency procedures, unusual attitudes, stalls, slow flight, steep turns.  Short field/soft field takeoffs and landings. (May be extended as needed.)

You cannot fail a BFR and no record is kept of your performance.  We simply work together to insure that you are a safe, proficient and confident pilot.

If you are interested in scheduling a BFR please email me at: chris@myflightcoach.com


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